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How to Breeze Through Surgery with Dr. Susan Wilder

How to Breeze Through Surgery with Dr. Susan Wilder

Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier more than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you know someone who needs surgery? Surgery is the most challenging thing for our body to do and tapping our reserves. It is as challenging as an athlete getting ready for a Marathon. It requires preparation for both body and mind. Knowing that you need surgery can be frightening and intimidating at the same time because you will have many questions in your mind. So learning how it goes can be so helpful. Let’s get to know more about surgery with Dr. Susan Wilder, a conventional family doctor with a comprehensive background and author of the book “Take Charge and Heal Faster: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Achieving Peak Health For Surgery”.

Key Takeaways:

(2:02) How to do well in surgery?

(3:40) Personal experience on what could have been a minor plastic surgery on eyelids assuming on being healthy.

(5:00) An aftermath of unprepared surgery.

(5:43) Introduced to functional medicine because of profound nutrient deficiency.

(6:05) Genetic issues, scopolamine patch and other issues that could seriously affect surgery.

(7:54) Guide to achieving peak health for surgery success – consuming healthy food and an inflammatory diet, enhancing the ability to clear toxics and more.

(11:40) Mental health preparation or being in the right mindset before surgery.

(13:45) Having an advocate around surgery especially when you are really not in the program.

(14:50) Getting proper nutrition after surgery.

(15:50) Importance of the pre- and post-surgery tests.

(16:20) Taking pharmacogenetic testing before surgery – a process used to find out a person’s response to a specific medicine.

(18:37) Side-effects to consider and pre-emptive strategies.

(20:24) Most important diet for pre- and post-operation.

(22:40) 5 distinct ingredients for an easy diet.

(23:40) Other organic diet ingredients that help.

(24:25) Improving health to avoid complications.

(25:30) Dr. Wilder on health and COVID.

(26:55) Closing statement.

Dr. Susan Wilder is the founder of LifeScape Premier. After Medical school at GW, she trained in Family Medicine in the Air Force, where she served as Assistant Chairman of Family Medicine at Andrews Air Force Base. After completing her military commitment, Dr. Wilder relocated to Arizona where she founded the Mayo Clinic’s Family Medicine Residency before founding LifeScape in 2003. Dr. Wilder is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and is constantly learning from masters in medicine, meditation and mindfulness, and human motivation. She enjoys teaching health care practitioners from all fields and is passionate about inspiring health.

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Twitter: @4yourhealthdoc

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