November 29, 2017
How You Can Feel Fuller – For Longer – With Umami
December 4, 2017

Get Ready for the ‘12 Days of Christianson’

In a few days, we are starting the ‘12 Days of Christianson’ – almost 2 weeks worth of giveaways, and gifts.

And this year I have a helper…

Mrs. Clause, er…Christianson. Because these are the last few weeks I have to finish writing my manuscript, Kirin will be in charge of this year’s event.

I hope you’ll welcome her because it was her idea to have giveaways for you. And it was also her idea to make sure you get discounts on most of the things from these 12 days. Kirin knows more about beauty products than I do so she insisted you have things like natural skin care, soaps, and hair products. I would never have thought about hair products, but she was adamant because you may have thinning hair from thyroid issues and she says when you feel beautiful it’s better for your health. I agree.

She also loves cooking and healthy food, so you can expect to see ways to save – and win – things from our favorite food sources too.

You don’t have to do anything right now. I’ll send you an email in a few days… and that will be the ONLY email you will get about it. If you are interested in the giveaways and saving money on natural beauty, health, and food items for gifts, then please join me, ah…her – for the 12 Days of Christianson.

To your best health,
Dr. C