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March 22, 2017
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March 22, 2017

Favorite Thing: Your Hungry Brain



What makes us hungry? It sounds like a really simple question, but it’s not. It’s not simply a matter of how long ago you ate last, it’s not how many calories you need, whether or not your insulin spiked, or any other number of factors.

In fact, drug researchers have just about given up on trying to find simple answers. If they had one, they would make a pill for it and it would be the most popular pill of all time.

More and more information is pointing to hunger being a product of the brain as much as everything else.

Dr. Stephen Guyenet just wrote a new book, aptly titled The Hungry Brain. Dr. Guyenet is the author behind Whole Health Source blog, now migrated to http://www.stephanguyenet.com.

I’m a big fan of his work because he’s done a great job seeing through the popular misconceptions that many top experts have fallen into, like the low carb myth or the confusion around calories. He’s (politely) gone head to head against many figureheads.

In fact, a video in which he responds to Gary Taubes’ attacks has become a classic amongst us nutrition nerds.  

Dr. Guyenet and I did a Facebook live recently talking about the ideas represented in his new book. You can find the video here and you can find his book anywhere they have books, such as Amazon.


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