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May 25, 2017
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May 31, 2017

Favorite Thing: World Thyroid Day Recap

world thyroid

As promised, here are the studies I cited in the World Thyroid Day updates. I’ve also included access to the audio for those of you who were celebrating the event in their own way.

You can go here to hear the whole event and see my presentation.

As a quick recap, I talked about new research that is important to those with thyroid disease that came about since the last World Thyroid Day in May of 2016.

I discussed 6 different studies on the following topics:

    • Research updates on iodine as a cause of thyroid disease
    • New findings about selenium and its role in Hashimoto’s
    • Latest information on vitamin D and the best levels to ward off autoimmunity
    • Proposed changes to TSH levels from a large Chinese study
    • Nigella – AZ safe seed extract that has now been clinically proven to reverse all facets of Hashimoto’s (that’s what the picture is from)
    • Revised thyroglobulin and anti-thyroglobulin blood levels that best predict thyroid cancer – normal ranges are not enough

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