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February 27, 2017
Favorite Thing: The Heart Revolution
March 1, 2017

Favorite Thing: The Potato Hack

Would you believe that one of the most exciting books I’ve read lately was completely focused on potatoes? It is a lengthy book the-potato-hackand I literally could not put it down until finishing it. You may be thinking I need to get out more, but Tim Steele tells a really good story. I don’t know Tim yet, maybe I need to interview him.  Nonetheless, he shows how the humble potato may be one of the most healing foods that the planet has ever known.

Tim shares the details behind eponymous hack (I don’t like the word hack) and how it can help weight, digestion, chronic pain, and other issues.

Next he goes through a fascinating history of potatoes and human societies. I was amazed how potatoes allowed my Irish ancestors to exist and flourish. Yes, Irish. ‘Christianson’ is a Norwegian name, but I was adopted.

Tim also does a great job going deep in the science behind resistant starch. I even picked up a few things I had not heard before about it.