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March 21, 2017
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March 22, 2017

Favorite Thing: The Last Straw


So this is about my favorite things but, plastic is not one of them. Anyway, if you can reduce your exposure to plastic it would be excellent for your hormones as well as the world in which we live. Do you love straws? My son does, I could take them or leave them.

Did you know that whenever you drink through a straw you’re almost giving yourself an IV dose of plastic by-products. Currently straws use #2 and #6 plastics. These are not the worst versions of plastic but that is a pretty low bar.

Each year we learn about some odd chemical that was thought to be safe until more data rolled in.


Biodegradable straws are so easy to find. Yes, they’re made from corn, there is the corn baggage. Glass is also an option. One of my friends gifted a bunch of health experts glass straws as gifts. We loved them, but I ended up breaking mine within just a few days. They were too fragile. Metal would be a great idea, except for the issue of heat conductivity.

In the meantime, I’ll take a few molecules of maltodextrin over the same number of molecules of phthalate any day of the week!

To your health,

Dr. C


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