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June 7, 2017
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June 9, 2017

Favorite Thing: Mesquite Flour


During medical school, one of the highlights was spending a week with a man called Peter Bigfoot at his home far off the grid. We learned to make herbal medicine and wildcraft off of the land. He taught us that the Mesquite Tree is the ‘mother of the desert’ and the main calorie source for much of the food chain in the Sonoran Desert.

He showed us how to select the best mesquite pods, remove the seeds, and grind them into a flour or just snack on them whole as a survival food. They are really tasty. Imagine a mild tasting combination of cinnamon, cocoa, and brown sugar.

Now you can just buy the flour as is. Mesquite Flour is low glycemic, high in protein and fiber, and a great addition to many dishes. It also has some zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

Probably the main reason to use it is for its great flavor. I add it to my reset shake to give it a caramel-like flavor. You can also mix it with pitted dates and a little water in a food processor and make a caramel-like sauce that is great on bananas or strawberries.

I promise you’ll be amazed!

You can find it on Amazon or in larger health food supermarkets.

PS this is me and my mesquite tree in my backyard and the beautiful pods it is dropping right now. The best ones to eat have a uniform golden tan color and are free of blemishes. The seeds are hard and inedible. I nibble on these if I find them in the desert, otherwise buying the flour is much easier.
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