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May 16, 2017
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May 18, 2017

Favorite Thing: Back Home to the Desert

NY was fun last week but I’m glad to be back. I’m looking forward to a couple of big events this week. One will be our second VIP day. This event was sold out and I’m excited to meet those who are coming.

I’ve been spending days going over their information and planning for them. I feel like I know them already. I’m also looking forward to being back in the clinic this week. With these two events I’m excited to be back in the flow of seeing people in person and hearing their stories.

Imagine being a little kid in school. Did you ever have a moment when the teacher asked a question and you lit up because you knew you had the right answer? Can you remember raising your hand in excitement and hoping he or she would call on you?

That’s kind of how I feel when I’m talking with someone and I realize that I have a solution for something that is troubling them. Mind you I’m not glad they’re struggling with something, but when they already are, and if I realize it is something I can help with, it completely lights me up.

Thankfully by the time someone comes to see me they already know their needs and know what I can and can’t help with. I love researching and writing as well, but the results are less immediate and tangible.

Please think about ways in which you can make a difference for someone else this week. It’s likely one of the best ways to pass your time – even if for selfish reasons.

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