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March 8, 2017
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March 13, 2017

Favorite Thing: Antipode

My family and I put a high priority on travel. We started international travel when my son was 7 and we try to go every other year. Our daughter is nearly 19 so we are not sure how much longer she’ll join us.

We just got back last week from a trip. For our first time we got to see Australia and New Zealand. It fascinates me how the culture you live in can affect your mindset and how easy it is to feel the change when you enter a new culture.

We all remarked about how much more relaxed and safe we felt in the antipodes (I’d heard that word in some past geography class, it’s a handy way of saying Australia and New Zealand.)

I’ve seen varying numbers, but overall the rates of violent crime there are a small fraction of what we have in the US. Healthy, simple food was easy to find and the fitness culture was amazing, I was really impressed.

In Sydney, I woke up for my morning time in the gym and a run by the beach. By 5 am the gym was packed with fit people working out hard. Before the sun was up, the beach trails were full of walkers and runners and a nearby park had every open space filled with groups of people doing bootcamp workouts, yoga, or meditation.  

I’ll definitely go back and take more time. Maybe I’ll even do a live event or a VIP day. Please let me know if you’re from down under and you’d be interested in connecting.

To your health,

Dr. C


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