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May 10, 2017
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Favorite Thing: Afraid to Commit?

drc-headshotPlease wish me luck – I’m in one the final stages of sorting out my next book’s contract.  I was just in New York and met with all the top publishing houses hoping to find a home for the new book. I’ve written most of the material already but the question now is what to lead with. The steps you do to improve one facet of your health often also improve other facets.

Despite the interconnected nature of human biochemistry, each book must possess a singular title and a singular subtitle.

It’s a tricky thing deciding what to write about. Here are the concepts I’m sorting out:

  • First off the book must cover the topics that you’ve told me are most important to you
  • I don’t want to write a book that is saying nothing new. Sugar is bad for you – lots of recent books have done a great job with this topic already.
  • I’ve seen too many fad diets and opinions come and go over the years, I’m not interested in them. It’s important for me to base my work on an honest reading of the highest-quality evidence we have today.

The more time I spend reading medical literature, the more surprised I am at how wide of a gap exists between an objective reading of science and the recommendations you typically hear.

It bothers me because the choices we make with our forks have profound effects on the length and the quality of our lives. Decades after the fads are gone, our bodies will still be dealing with the effects of our habits.

Case in point – many claim that consuming butter or saturated fat will help protect your brain age better.

This question has been asked by researchers. No fewer than 12 high quality studies looked at the relationship between dietary saturated fat and Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and cognitive decline.

Not a single study found that a higher saturated fat diet was helpful for any of these problems. In fact, the majority of the studies saw that it was clearly harmful. I’ll release much more on this topic shortly.

In the meantime I see it as an object lesson in how fads can flourish without being true.

If you ever think I’m ever falling into a fad or a belief system, drop me a note at drc@drchristianson.com and say: “Hey Dr. C, please check yourself on this one.”

To Your Health,


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