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June 28, 2017
Should You Ignore Your TSH?
July 3, 2017

Blue Light vs Caffeine

Yes, caffeine can give you a burst. Unfortunately, many of us get way more side effects than are worth it.

A large placebo-controlled study proved that blue light can work better than 240 mg of caffeine for reducing sleepiness, reaction times and improve mental performance. (reference)

How do you get blue light?

The study used an hour of exposure but other studies have shown that as little as 50 seconds of exposure can increase alertness. When used in the daytime, blue light exposure can also improve sleep quality at night.

Turn off blue lights by 6 pm. Please don’t use high powered (10,000 lux) blue lights, they may raise the risk for macular degeneration. Most used in the study were 100 lux or under.

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