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8 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Grave’s Disease

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Grave’s disease is a serious thing and it’s important that we know everything that we can about this disease. This way, we can make the right choices to treat Grave’s Disease and how to get back to feeling better right away. 

8 things that your doctor probably won’t tell you about Grave’s disease

1. Grave’s Disease Can Be Reversed

Yes, reversed, as in gone – forever. It’s true. Believe it or not, that is actually the natural course of events for those with Grave’s disease. It is a self-limiting condition.

By the time most folks are stabilized, Grave’s can last no more than 18 – 24 months. Afterwards, it can stop all by itself.

2. Natural Solutions Not Only Work, But They Can Be More Effective

If you consider my previous point, you might be wondering why conventional treatments are often so aggressive about treating this disease. I wonder the same thing myself. The fact of the matter is that natural solutions work, and that they can often work better than conventional treatments.

Why is this the case? Well, it comes down to doctors being less informed about these treatments and the treatments themselves being non-patentable – so they can’t be controlled or utilized by one company in particular.

3. Grave’s Medications Can Cause Nasty Side Effects

Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headaches, joint/muscle pain, and more. These are all side effects that you might have to live with when you are on medications to treat Grave’s disease.

More importantly, they can often be habit-forming. This means that they are often required as a lifelong regimen for people with Grave’s disease.

The problem with this is that doctors do not understand how to break the cycle. Once you have done this, and worked towards effective thyroid level management, you are on my previously mentioned time frame to ending your life with Grave’s disease.

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4. Surgery Is Not Necessary

No, you do not have to undergo surgery to get rid of Grave’s disease. In fact, for some people that can be the absolute worst option.

Surgery can also risk parathyroid injury, recurrent laryngeal nerve and long-term hypothyroidism. This can affect calcium metabolism, proper speech and swallowing and your health altogether.

5. Foods Can Activate Grave’s Symptoms

Many have to deal with worsening symptoms, without actually knowing that it is coming from the food that you’re eating.

6. Grave’s Disease Is Genetic And More Common In Women

Like all autoimmune disease, genes can be a trigger for Grave’s disease as well. These same ones can also trigger thyroid cancer and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, as well. This actually plays out 6 – 8 times more commonly in women than in men.  

By understanding the core causes and the genes acting around your potential risk for Grave’s disease, you are actually moving close to the rest process where it no longer has to factor into your life at all – it can be completely gone.

7. Radioactive Iodine Is Not A Quick Fix

The most common treatment in the United States is radioactive iodine. What most do not know is that it can actually take months to be effective. It may also require repeat doses.

This is important because there are side effects to radioactive iodine. These include longer term risks for head and neck cancer, colorectal cancer and laryngeal nerve damage. (Read: 10 Super important questions to ask before starting a radioactive iodine regimen)

8. It Is More Economical to Pursue Agressive Treatments

In terms of medical reimbursements, doctors receive more for the more aggressive forms of treatment (like surgery) to help treat Grave’s disease.

The rest of the modern world actually leads with treatments to slow the thyroid, rather than radioactive iodine treatment or surgery. In the United States, incentives drive medical policies.

Overall, I want you to know that Grave’s disease is reversible, and that it can be done in a relatively short span of time. You can be feeling your best, and you can do it without the help of aggressive treatments, medications and all of those unfortunate side effects.

Stop Suffering

Graves disease is reversible for most and we can help.

Are you looking for a safe, all-natural solution that’s been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of Grave’s Disease, WITHOUT harmful drugs or painful surgery?

You’ve come to the right place.

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