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October 2, 2016
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October 4, 2016

Vitamin D

blood levels of vitamin d
blood levels of vitamin d

Is it a vitamin? If we were starting over with our nomenclature (our naming and categorizing), we’d be calling vitamin D a hormone and not a vitamin. It has the same chemical structure as all the below-the-waist-hormones: estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. It’s built out of cholesterol, just like they are.

Vitamin D from Sunlight?

You may think if you spend any time in the sun, you’ll get enough vitamin D. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case since you probably bathe and shower! The oils our skin needs to draw in vitamin D from sunlight are stripped away from the soaps we use. Consequently, we can’t get the vitamin D we need from sun exposure.

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Good Blood Levels of Vitamin D

The Vitamin D Council argues that if we get between 40-80 nano-grams per mil per day, our risks of 17 different cancers, brain aging, MS, kidney failure, heart disease and diabetes plummet! Along with that, our energy production, metabolic rate, tissue repair and our recovery rate get better!

How much vitamin D does it take to reap these benefits?

I’ve tested thousands and thousands of people, and most require about 10,000 units per day. That is a critical amount where I like to start people to make sure they come back to their healthy range. Vitamin D3 is the important type.

It’s good to periodically check your blood levels of vitamin D to see where you are, and adjust your dosage accordingly.

With all its benefits, vitamin D is an important supplement worth our attention!

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