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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016

Energy Dosing

thyroid hormone
thyroid hormone

Do you need a boost in energy? Having more energy equals greater happiness and more productivity. When your thyroid hormone dosing is the right amount and properly absorbed, your energy is increased.

How is the Right Amount Determined?

For proper dosing, you want to be on target with your blood levels, especially the TSH.

Although there are many ways to evaluate thyroid status (the free hormones, reverse T3, the antibodies, etc.), the first step is getting the TSH right. In many circles, the TSH has gotten a bad rap because it’s been overused. It’s common for people to put way too much weight on the TSH and ignore all the rest, but in terms of squaring away your dose, the TSH is the first step. Once your TSH is on board, it’s critical to look at all the other markers and little subtypes.

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Proper Absorption

Make sure you’re taking thyroid hormone in such a way that it can be absorbed properly. This means taking your pills apart from food. Many times, this concept is either unclear to patients or made more complex than it needs to be.

Why do you need to take them apart from food?

The active parts of these pills are microscopic. They are so tiny and infinitesimal, that if you took them out of the pills, you wouldn’t even see them! If you take the pills with any type of food or beverage (outside of water), the thyroid hormones will bind with the food or beverage and not be absorbed. You’ll receive no benefit.

When is the Best Time to Take Thyroid Hormone?

When it comes to the best time to take the pills, there are two options.


One option is first thing in the morning. This is the most common option and works well. It takes a solid half hour for absorption, so after taking the hormone, you want to wait the half hour before ingesting any food, beverage (except water), medicines, antacids, contraceptives or any other pills.

After half an hour, you can eat and take any other pills.

There are some guidelines advising to wait a full hour to eat and four hours before taking calcium. These are unnecessary. It’s important for you to eat breakfast in the morning, and many people won’t be able to eat breakfast if they wait a full hour after taking thyroid hormone.


The second option is to take your thyroid hormone at bedtime. This option has been studied and found to work well. It won’t cause you to stay awake all night!

Some prefer taking it at bedtime, so they can hit the ground running in the morning! They can have their coffee right away, their breakfast, and go about their day.

If you take the hormone at bedtime, be sure to take it two hours after any food, beverages (except water), pills or supplements.

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